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CBD Oil: What’s It And Can It Cause A Positive Drug Test?

As most of you probably apprehend, our country is experiencing associate opioid epidemic the likes of that we’ve ne’er seen. What’s completely different regarding this drug crisis is that it stems from the customarily legitimate use of lawfully prescribed opioids to contend with pain that’s each chronic and acute.

We know opioids accompany several aspect effects, as well as a possible for addiction. As a result, varied entities round the country and inside individual states ar taking steps to cut back the quantity of opioids being prescribed.

However, this doesn’t modification the actual fact that several individuals ar still laid low with pain and need how to induce some level of relief.

In my role at the LHSFNA, I address problems associated with work substance use and abuse. because the Director of Health Promotion, I’m usually asked to talk at conferences and conferences regarding the opioid crisis and connected work problems. once my formal presentation ends, there’s typically a gaggle of individuals waiting to speak to American state.

This is wherever the conversations get real – individuals usually point out their own addiction or a family member’s and also the losses they need seasoned because of opioids. Lately, the oral communication usually involves pain relief alternatives to opioids, as well as medical marijuana and a lot of recently, CBD oil.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD stands for cannabidiol, one in all over eighty five completely different cannabinoids found within the cannabis plant. Cannabinoids ar the first chemical compounds all told cannabis plants. the 2 you’ve most likely detected of ar CBD and THC. CBD is found in hemp (legal all told fifty states) and marijuana (legal use varies by state). CBD oil is created from the flowers, leaves and stalks of hemp and not from its seeds like hemp oil.

CBD oil has been used for thousands of years to treat varied forms of pain, however it’s solely recently begun obtaining attention from the health profession. One factor that produces CBD oil distinct from marijuana is that CBD oil doesn’t cause users to expertise a “high” like marijuana will because of its lack of THC.

CBD oil has been wont to treat the following:


Chronic pain, inflammation and overall discomfort associated with a spread of health conditions
Anxiety, depression, seizures and neurodegenerative disorders


While many folks use CBD oil to alleviate pain, a lot of analysis is required to make certain it may be used safely.

Legality & Implications for Drug Testing

Based on what we all know to date, it looks that CBD oil had some promise as an alternate to manage pain. However, there’s concern regarding the impact it might wear a worker’s ability to pass a work drug check. Any cannabis-based product has the potential to trigger a positive drug check for marijuana. though the danger of a positive check could also be low, as a results of this chance, CBD oil might not be appropriate as a pain management strategy for LIUNA members.

If Marijuana looks useful for Pain Management, What’s the Holdup?

Since the U.S. Drug social control Administration (DEA) considers marijuana to be a Schedule I drug (the same as hard drug, hallucinogen and ecstasy), researchers would like a special license to review it. This has created it troublesome to review the potential healthful edges of marijuana on an outsized scale. additionally, as a result of marijuana continues to be dirty federally, the Food & Drug Administration has not been ready to regulate it.

While many nations have legalized marijuana for healthful or recreational use, any product that contains THC, even in little amounts, is taken into account marijuana and is illegitimate below federal law. Like marijuana, federal and state laws conjointly dissent wide on the lawfulness of CBD oil. whereas it’s legal in many nations, the Drug Enforcement Agency still views CBD oil as dirty, though they acknowledge that prosecuting this offense isn’t a priority.

“It wouldn’t be associate applicable use of federal resources to travel once a mother as a result of her kid has epileptic seizures and has found one thing which will facilitate and has helped. ar they breaking the law? affirmative, they are. ar we have a tendency to about to break her door down? completely not,” says Drug Enforcement Agency interpreter Rusty Payne.

Regardless of the lawfulness inside a given state, employers typically have the right to want a work be free from medication, that staff not be below the influence of medicine or alcohol which staff ar ready to pass a drug check.

Bottom Line

As promising and effective as CBD oil could also be for a few individuals as an alternate pain management treatment, its use can not be supported by Laborers. it’s a demand on most job sites that staff be ready to pass a drug check. as a result of there’s no guarantee that the top organic CBD oil use won’t end in a positive work drug check, its use should be questioned at this point.

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